Pet Related Financial Assistance

Help to feed your pets!!!
The Humane Society offers a food bank for pet owners whom are facing difficult financial situations. The hours may be different depending upon your particular state, so please take a look online first before venturing to your local Humane Society. As a general rule, the food bank is open on certain days and a certain block of time on those given days. For example, in my state the food bank is open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 9 am to noon. Both dog and cat food is available. After the first visit you must return with proof of your pet's being spayed or neutered to receive more food (If you got your pet's from the Humane Society, they should already be on record). You may use the food bank services up to 4 times a year. Depending on donations, there are some times when other items, like cat litter, are available ... but this is a bonus and not a guarantee. 
If your pet needs to be fixed, but you do not have the funds, you can apply for various programs, like the "Cinderella Program" at your local Humane Society in order to obtain a no charge spay or neuter for your pet(s). There are a number of other resources on the Humane Society website; including a list various programs for assistance with pet costs if you find yourself struggling financially and worried you may have to give up your buddy. 
Animal lovers and charities across the country (whom are able to donate at this time) are providing financial assistance in order to avoid such heartbreaking losses. Please check out the various resources available before giving away your family member(s).

Financial Assistance for Everything Related to Your Cats & Dogs: 
... Times are tough but our pets are still part of our families and deserve good care and a stable home! The resources compiled below may be able to assist you in helping keep your animals safe, healthy and well taken care of. 
Below is a long list of resources for assistance with both cats & dogs. I have linked each of them up so you should be able to simply click on one and go directly to the given website/webpage. Some programs are by state while others are national. This link list provides resources for the following: Vet costs/bills/emergency care; Medication Assistance; Spay & Neuter Assistance & Food Assistance. 
The Humane Society is nation wide and provides a number of excellent resources for you and your furry family members. Please take a look at the pet food bank offered at various Human Society locations throughout the United States. Free food is available to any pet owner in need, and can be utilized up to 4 visits per year. Other valuable resources include the "Cinderella Fund," which assists in paying partial or full payments for the spay or neuter of your pet, as well as free of charge grief and loss groups, education and additional assistance and resources for you and your pets. Please visit to view all resources available to you as a pet owner. 

Resource Directory:
For Companion Animals:
The Pet Fund
For Cats:
For Elderly and Disabled Pets:
Pets for the Elderly:
For Rescuers of Animals:
Spray & Neuter Clinics:
Assistance/Service Animals:
Pet Food Bank Directory:
Medication Assistance:

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