January 11, 2011

Money long gone, need help, now what?

The economy's in the tank and has been for a few years now. As time passes and more people lose most, if not everything which they have worked for their entire professional lives, one can easily become disillusioned, defeated, and frozen in the uncertainly and obvious fear which this perfect storm has generated. Many of those who once lived an upper/middle class lifestyle have slid to a place of living month to month, pay check to pay check, and those whom once scrapped by with the latter, are now behind on most bills and forced to pick and choose which bill gets paid on alternating  months. Finding assistance to make ends meet is a job and battle in and of itself ... and, once a glimmer of hope shines through, you quickly discover you don't fit in that "magic box" for consideration. Now you must learn to work the system, jump through loopholes and be less than honest, which is terribly hard for many of those whom are honest, ethical and decent by nature. The crazy thing is, the system is not set up to help many of those whom truly need help and are clearly following the rules; those whom would greatly benefit from a little boost. It's easy to sink in the financial quick sand, and very challenging to find a way out. Just keeping your little life raft afloat these days is a fete all by itself. I know that this has been the case for myself, and while I have not found the key to success with regard to financial matters, I am learning how to jump through these countless hoops and want to share with you want I have discovered. So for all of you already sitting precariously on the edge and hanging on by a thread, let's move towards finding answers, sorting out what works and what is less than acceptable, what is a scam and what's for real!

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